Case Fisherman’s Friend


Animated campaign for Fisherman’s Friend

For Fisherman’s Friend, we created an animated summer campaign with their new tagline: “FF doorbijten!” In this campaign they focus on ambitious young people between the ages of 18 and 35. The message: “Fisherman’s Friend gives you a mental boost.”

We developed a cinematic animation style using a lot of brand assets. We came up with stories that related to the target group and the message. We chose a student who had to take an exam, a junior who wants to prove himself in the workplace and a young man who wants to jump off a rock on vacation. We have brought back the iconic Fisherman as a motivator/mental coach. We have made it visually clear that when using the product, he appears in the mind of the main character. The result: 6 eye-catching commercials.

Result: Reach and engagement

For the online launch of the campaign on Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and TikTok, we worked together with online marketing agency Yonego. The first campaign run was a great success. The targets have been surpassed with a total reach of 39 million impressions and a unique reach of 13 million users. What also stood out was the high viewing ratio and engagement. The campaign in TikTok has even gone viral with more than 70,000 likes and hundreds of comments and shares.



Further development of the concept

After the summer campaign, we further developed the concept. The slogan didn’t stop at ‘FF doorbijten!’, but we have made it flexible so that it can be adapted to the content of the video. For example: “FF frisse adem” and “FF de keel smeren”.

We made 2 winter commercials of which we also made a special Christmas version. One of the commercials is about a sports supporter. We delivered different versions of this, in which the supporter always wore a different shirt. This way, a different version could be broadcasted per region

Now also on prime-time television

This campaign was even bigger than the summer campaign, so these commercials were often seen on prime-time television and during major sports competitions. They also advertised the animations on Reddit, an online platform that is relatively unknown in the Netherlands, but is becoming increasingly popular.


The campaign was the first paid Dutch advertisement on TikTok. And for the first time in the brand’s history, the fisherman is animated.



Since 2018 we work for the famous candy brand Autodrop. Among other things, we have been involved in concept and strategy, coming up with fun promotions, and launching the new packaging through contemporary TV and online commercials. Including custom music that fits the target group. We design POS (Point of Sale) material around every campaign to attract a lot of attention in the store for the campaign and / or promotion. We also provide appealing moving social media content all year round.


For innocent we make video content all year round. Every time we connect to the characteristics of the products, always with a slightly different visual style. Of course, we do ensure recognisability through the use of color and a recognizable way of animating.

In short, super versatile work for this appealing FMCG brand!



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