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Commercials for Autodrop

Since 2018 we work for the famous candy brand Autodrop. Among other things, we have been involved in concept and strategy, coming up with fun promotions, and launching the new packaging through contemporary TV and online commercials. Including custom music that fits the target group. We design POS (Point of Sale) material around every campaign to attract a lot of attention in the store for the campaign and / or promotion. We also provide appealing moving social media content all year round.

In short, super versatile work for this appealing FMCG brand!

Result: Reach and engagement

With every campaign we aim for the highest possible reach and we ensure that our content is structured as optimally as possible. With animation and video content for online campaigns we ensure that the Autodrop promotion is immediately clear in the first seconds. To ensure that the consumer keeps watching.

This is reflected in the following stats:

212% higher engagement than the benchmark
40% higher video viewing percentage than the benchmark



A brand story for Oldtimers

For Oldtimers, from the same makers as Autodrop, we have created a brand story in a completely different style.


Janna van Dorst

Brandmanager at Autodrop

Their idea was immediately spot on

“We challenged Animate the World to pitch for a new communication concept around the Autodrop redesign. Their idea was immediately spot on: it matched the new packaging and perception of Autodrop. Apart from that, it was also well focused on the young target group of the brand. ATW stood out for their creativity and different-than-usual proposal. “

No nonsense and instant feedback processing

“Animate the World is a great company to work with. No-nonsense and our feedback was processed instantly. The atmosphere is always good. All this together leads to good results. ATW is characterized as: small-scale, creative, informal, young. Totally fitting with Autodrop 🙂 “


We go one step further than coming up with beautiful video content as shown by one of the successful campaigns we devised and implemented. We came up with the Win your Driver License promotion that appeals to the young target group of Autodrop (16-30). We linked another client of ours with the same target group, WOLF Rijbewijsshop (national coverage of driving schools) to this promotion. A win-win for both parties.

We continued this collaboration in all expressions. Also the POS material in Jumbo and Albert Heijn stores. But also the special Autodrop x WOLF theory books that were often given away in addition to a driver’s license. Accompanied by Autodrop sweets of course.

Fun Fact

In the TV commercials we used many elements from Hip-hop culture because the majority of young people listen to this music and identify with this lifestyle. We implemented this in both video and music. Together with Studio Solo we have composed a track with Trap (popular hip-hop current) influences, including matching Skrrrt sounds, a commonly used reference in this music current to squeaky tires of your cool car. We have brought back the well-known money splashing (sprinkling banknotes). But with Autodrop 🙂



For innocent we make video content all year round. Every time we connect to the characteristics of the products, always with a slightly different visual style. Of course, we do ensure recognisability through the use of color and a recognizable way of animating.

Fontys Hogescholen

The open day is very important for Fontys Hogescholen. This way, potential students get the nice vibe from the study programs, which plays a major role in the student’s choice. But how do you manage to get young people between 17 and 25 to know your education and come to the open day?



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