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social media content for Fontys

The open day is very important for Fontys Hogescholen. This way, potential students get the nice vibe from the study programs, which plays a major role in the student’s choice. But how do you manage to get young people between 17 and 25 to know your education and come to the open day?

  1. We divided the 100+ courses into 8 categories. Something creative, something with economy, something with sports and exercise, etc.
  2. We came up with a super short story for each category that fits in with the experience of young people.
  3. We made 8 super snappy vertical videos for Instagram Stories and Snapchat
  4. Specific targeting based on age, geography, interests and search behavior so that the right young people get to see the appealing social media content.
  • A higher brand awareness
  • A positive feeling because Fontys shows that they understand young people
  • More students at the open day

the social media content

fontys about animate the world

pim van de sande

online campaign manager at fontys hogeschool

young and fresh agency

“We were looking for a young and fresh agency that dares to think out-of-the-box and also knows how our target group thinks and what appeals to them. The way of filming and the cases we saw on the website appealed to us a lot. That is why we decided to choose Animate the World instead of the companies we mainly cooperated with in the past. “

just that extra step

“The project has since been completed and I have always experienced the collaboration as very pleasant. Animate the World is personal, honest and takes that extra step. All of them are great people to work with!”

animate the world has exceeded our expectations

“ATW does not avoid a challenge, is good at communication, works fast and is not afraid of deadlines. With this social media content, Animate the World has exceeded our expectations.”

more cases


For innocent we make video content all year round. Every time we connect to the characteristics of the products, always with a slightly different visual style. Of course, we do ensure recognisability through the use of color and a recognizable way of animating.


Since 2018 we work for the famous candy brand Autodrop. Among other things, we have been involved in concept and strategy, coming up with fun promotions, and launching the new packaging through contemporary TV and online commercials. Including custom music that fits the target group. We design POS (Point of Sale) material around every campaign to attract a lot of attention in the store for the campaign and / or promotion. We also provide appealing moving social media content all year round.



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