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Music video

Besides creating awesome animations, we at Animate the World love some good music. When we’re not on stage playing with our own bands, we’re probably rocking at a great concert or festival. So for us, combining animation with music makes perfect sense.

Therefore, we made a compilation of the music related animations we already created.

Animating a music video

We love to work on music related projects like your band’s music video or a promo video for a music festival.

As an animation video producer, we keep the audience and the atmosphere of your music or festival in mind to create the most unique animated video content!
To accomplish that, we use stop motion animation, motion graphics, film or mixed media.

Looking for an animation video producer?

If you are looking for an animation video producer, feel free to contact us at +31 76 21 00 105 or jelle@animatetheworld.eu

Below you can check out our music videos!

Oliver Heldens & Chocolate Puma – Space Sheep


Animate The World