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Animation subscription service

The communication solution for large organisations

You would like to use the possibility’s of animation and video more often for your organisation. But it can be difficult or time consuming to achieve that. That’s why we came up with the Animation Subscription Service.

We often find that in the field of communications, organizations and companies are struggling with:

  • Time: It’s always busy, and sometimes you must respond quickly to current affairs.
  • Budgets: When you want to make something worth watching, it often costs a lot of money, while budgets are shrinking more and more lately.
  • New ways of communicating: The use of animation or video is the new way to communicate, but how do we do that?

By pre-estimate the number of utterances we can offer an animation subscription. This way, the costs of the monthly or even weekly animations, can be spread over a longer period. And because we have to develop the visual style only once, we can offer you a significant discount.

What are the benefits?

  • Huge time savings. You only have to tell us your story or message. We do the rest and make something awesome. Of course there’s alway the possibility to think with you. Because we like that! As much as possible and desired, we unburden you.
  • Versatile video communications. For example: promotion, announcements, e-learning, prevention, education, explaining complex cases or legislation and solving current problems.
  • Considerable savings and a fixed monthly payment of a relatively low amount.
  • Expertise in the field of animation/video design by a trusted partner. Always quick help with issues and a creative sparring partner.
  • Proactive advice and a dedicated contact
  • Flexible, monthly or weekly frequency

Ideas for animation in your organisation

Social media content

Social media content on a frequent basis. Like Animation Tuesday. Each week on a certain day a surprising animation or video.

Daily inspiration & motivational video for professionals

Professionals should constantly develop themselves. Every quarter we organize a brainstorming session with a group of professionals to pick some topics.

So these improvements, new standard procedures, ideas, motivational sayings etc. come from within the organization.

The ideas and short messages of professionals and management are translated to  short engaging animations or videos which will inspire all professionals.

Inform or instruct employers

Sales employees from  Heineken get weekly videos on their phone which explain current developments and new products. This way, everyone is up to date in no time and everyone knows the same story. You can do the same for your organisation!

Case movies for advertising & internet agencies

When you finish a campaign or website, you want to show it to your clients. In a case movie, you can show your clients very quickly what the campaign or website was about, how great it looked and what the results are.

Sounds good?

Contact us for an inspiring meeting!

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