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Jelle van Dun

Owner & Animation Director

Jelle founded Animate the World in 2006 after his stop motion animated film “My Animated World” went viral on the internet. Jelle has a broad range of experience working for big companies in stop motion animation, motion graphics, and interactivity like games and campaign websites. His films are broadcasted on television all over the world.
Jelle also has the ambition to create an international animation series.

This is what makes Jelle tick:
  • Retro games and analog devices.
  • 80’s BMW’s
  • To play the drums in his band
  • Bouldering



Anouk Bakker

Partner & Production Manager

Anouk is the queen of content. Her majesty turns epic quantities of texts into great animation friendly scripts. With a background in communication and multimedia, she is also a champ in providing webcontent and can advise you how to improve your website.

Anouk has a thing for:
  • Interiour design
  • speedgoogling
  • All Blacks’ Haka
  • Ryan Gosling in Drive


Raph van Berlo

Business Developer

Not only did Raph study small business & retail management at Avans University, he also loves animation. He even acted in a few of our stop motions, back in the early years. Now he helps us to achieve our goals.

Raph gets sparked up by:
  • NAC Breda
  • BBC’s Match of the Day
  • Glamping
  • Belgian beers


Steven van Wingerden

Animation Director

Steven is a creative multi-talent with the typical ATW skills and mindset. The force is strong with this one when it comes to detailed papercraft animations, motion graphics and live action films.

Steven loves:
  • Films directed by David Fincher
  • Westworld
  • R&B
  • Chicken-Cherrypie


Max Peterse

Animator & story board artist

Max is addicted to 2D animation and character design. He also loves visualising stories and messages into clear storyboards. His creative mind and background (CMD – Avans University Breda) in multimedia design will make sure that there are no limits for the visualisation of your story.

Max is a sucker for:
  • Octopuses
  • Nausicaä and the valley of the wind
  • David Attenborough
  • Bacon Pancakes


Tinus Kardolus

Animator & Music Composer

Tinus is a slave to the music. And sound effects. And animation. He’s an allround animation trooper with special skills in composing music and editing sound effects. He makes sure the animation we create becomes more powerful! And if you want to make Tinus really happy, let him make your new music video!

Tinus adores:
  • Things
  • Adventure Time
  • Super slow animals
  • Silly dance moves


Daphne Betten


Daphne has a background in photography and design from her HBO ArtCoDe studies. She is specialised in animated social media content and motion graphics.

Daphne likes:
  • Photography
  • Underwater documentaries
  • Vintage camera’s
  • Assasins creed


Gino Stoof

Social Media Strategist

Gino is a hero in Marketing and PR with a focus on Social Media. From his experience in brand building, he knows best what content the audience wants to see and how to reach them.

Gino is crackers for:
  • Shoes
  • Sugar
  • Spicey tunes
  • Edgy jokes


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