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Animate the World is the full service animation studio for brain popping stop motion animation and moving motion design.

Based in Breda, the Netherlands, since 2006 these creative thinking animation directors make great ideas come to life in animated commercials, explanimations, corporate movies, music videos, games, campaign websites, etc.

We tell your story in a compelling and clear way like no other. Because of our unique, custom made animations with different animation styles, we give your organisation an edge over your competition.

We think it’s very important to unburden our clients so they can keep doing what they are good at. We can write your animation script, we draw the storyboards, we design a visual style, we create the animation and compose the music and sound effects so it all fits your brand perfectly.

Animate the world is best described by the following:

  • Animation at the highest level of quality
  • A fresh mix of animation styles
  • Creative thinkers. We surprise you with our animation concepts
  • Easygoing, but hard workers

Others about Animate the World


“A Dutch animation company famous for its stop-motion videos” (link)

Imagine Animation Magazine:

“From humble beginnings, hard work and Jelle’s passion and creativity he has developed his one-man band into a globe-spanning animation company” (link)

Animate The World